Writing Samples

The History of Copper – The Cask
“The metal of metals, copper possesses several traits that have made it one of humanity’s most favored elements, despite lacking the panache of silver, gold, or platinum. For example, copper—colored red-orange in its purest state—is one of the four elemental metals, along with caesium, gold, and osmium, that’s not gray or silver. That said, there are many other significant reasons why humans have extracted copper from the earth for thousands of years. It’s malleable, highly recyclable, and an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. In short, copper is an ideal metal whose use has played a pivotal role in civilization’s rise.”

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection – How Kojima Helped Me Cope With 9/11 – JeffreyLWilson
“Kojima could not have anticipated that world events, and the related conspiracy theories, would thematically lineup with his fictional universe. That didn’t matter one iota; Sons of Liberty quickly became my escape from the stress of the real world disaster. 9-11 broke my world and made me feel utterly helpless. Sons of Liberty put me in an active role within a bizarro version of that world where I could save humanity from disastrous happenings. It was empowering, even though the game revolved around the goofy idea of a mech dinosaur carrying a nuclear payload.”

Q&A With Comics God Walt Simonson – PCMag
“Walt Simonson is a comic book legend whose creative plots and distinctive, kinetic visual style transformed The Mighty Thor into a must-read Marvel title in the ’80s. But Simonson’s fame stretches beyond the hammer-swinging hero; he has also brought his talents to Detective Comics, Fantastic Four, X-Factor, and Star Slammers, his creator-owned comic about space mercenaries.”

All Hands On Mech: An E3 Tale of Love and Obsession – PCMag
“I’d abandoned the Japanese mech shows during my junior high school years as girls, baseball, and expanding my social circle became priorities. I hadn’t thought of the lumbering machines in years until a few high school friends discovered BattleTech, FASA Corporation’s Macross-inspired war gaming universe. [Ed.’s incredulous note: you played BattleTech in high school and didn’t still consider yourself a geek? Some things never wear off.] Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.”

Dating in Color – PCMag
“Let’s start this tale of failure with a truth-filled declaration: I have no problem meeting the ladies. Whether combing the pristine floors of the Chelsea Apple Store, sipping Earl Gray at a local coffee shop, or cruising the aisles at Barnes & Noble, striking up engaging conversation with the fairer sex comes pretty naturally to me. That said, I’m not averse to using the marvels of the modern age to help form a love connection. Plenty of venues are available, ranging from online dating to tweetups. This weekend, however, I chose to experiment by using Color (3.5 stars, free), the new Android and iOS application.”

Nvidia Ion Reference PC Review – LAPTOP
“Consider this the opening salvo in Nvidia’s mad charge to gain a foothold in the rapidly growing netbook space. Nvidia’s Ion platform, which pairs the company’s GeForce 9400 graphics processing unit with Intel’s 1.6-GHz Atom processor, looks to revolutionize the low-cost graphics market by enabling netbooks, nettops, and other types of value-price PCs to handle graphics-intensive games, full HD (1080p) video, and high-end operating systems such as Windows Vista Home Premium. Based on our tests of a small form factor desktop, Ion blows away Intel’s integrated chipset and graphics. However, we would want to see Ion inside a netbook and observe its impact on battery life before calling it the next big thing in bang-for-your-buck computing.”