‘This Is The End’ is a mix of funnies and head-scratchers

This Is The End, Seth Rogan’s apocalyptic comedy, had the potential to carry a Superbad level of sincerity between its estranged lead homies, but instead dwelled in a sea of dick jokes, rape jokes, and ad-libbed bits.

I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing (comedy’s always thrived on pushing the envelope to sometimes extreme distances), but I’d hoped for a truly genuine moment like those found in a Judd Apatow flick. Didn’t happen. That said, seeing a coked-out Michael Cera being awkward in an entirely new way was highly entertaining.

I’m no political correctness flag-waver; in fact, I often find that the PC movement sanitizes issues/society to the point where people are vilified for simply making an observation about race/gender/sexuality. But several curious things came to mind after discussing the movie with my date.

I’m entering spoilers-zone, so tread if you dare. Continue Reading →