My all-time favorite albums list is shockingly predictable

Every writer-slash-know-it-all with an Internet connection and a keyboard eventually masturbates to their own tastes and egos by crafting definitive lists of…something. I am not above this.

Recently, a drunken friend of a friend asked me about my “desert island albums.” I was well-prepared to answer the question, because, like the idea of creating an all-time best album list, it is something wholly unoriginal. So, I answered the question. And decided shortly thereafter to create this list.

This hideous list.

Now, the music itself isn’t bad my any means, but it’s awfully predictable. I really hoped that I possessed enough cool to name several obscure, indie rap-funk band from Nigeria that “don’t get enough love.” Instead, I came up with this mess.

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  1. There are many albums I haven’t listened to in their entirety, thus disqualifying them from this list.
  2. There are many albums that I used to dig as a young man that no longer speak to me.
  3. I really need to listen to some albums that were released before my birth.

So, judge. Educate. Recommend. You have my ear.