My comic book dreams are entering the really real world

Three years ago, I completed my first legitimate attempt at a comic book script. It’s a 10-page, noir-driven, supernatural-infused revenge story that I thought was ready for prime time.

It was horseshit.

Thankfully, the time between then and now allowed me to read the plot and characterization with fresh eyes. I went back to the lab, tweaked dialogue, boosted themes that were far more understated than I remembered, and planted an additional seed for potential follow up tales. I’m really pleased. Though, I was pleased last go round, so what the hell do I know.

I don’t desire to become a comic book writer in the traditional fashion, but I do want to make this one-off story. Or a mini-series. It’s not one of those burning lifelong yearnings, but every person who’s read a comic book as a kid has fantasized about one day seeing their words or visuals in a series of panels. So, I figured, why not?

Recently, I’ve recently made the next step in the comic book creation process: having a talented artist design my lead character. He took my description and turned it into a reference guide for layout artists. The results are quite good. Even more recently, I’ve hired a studio to draw, ink, color, and letter my story. You’ll see the result of that soon enough.

Now, the hard work begins. And it feels damned good.

P.S. – The image above is a blurred version of the initial thumbnails. A teaser of what’s to come. I’ll share how the sausage is made after the comic is available for purchase.

So, I completed my comic book script

I brain-spilled a post a few months back that detailed my renewed interest in that great American art form known as the comic book.

In the time between then and now, my renewed interest morphed into renewed loved thanks in no small part to covering the digital comics beat for PCMag, and some good friends who are comic book die hards. Another thing happened in that time frame: I completed the first comic book script that I’m proud to share with others.

Note the qualifier. I penned a jumbled mess of a script not too long ago, but the recently completed script is a story that I was meant to tell. I reread the script last night and I think it’s a damn good sci-fi/action piece, but I’m not going to self-high-five myself into false contentment. I’ve shared the pages with select friends, ones who I know will give me the real deal, and eagerly await their opinions.

In the meantime, I’ve been combing over comic book publishers’ submissions guidelines and reaching out to artists who can give visual representation to what’s in my head. This is the part that I fear the most. Not the potential rejection letters, but the Xenogears-like grind. It seems like each publisher has its own specific submissions requirements, and you have to follow them to the letter or get your package skyhooked into the nearest trash bin. Hunting down artists is a stressful, too. But, ‘evs. I’m feeling good, despite some jitters.

I’m not one to believe in divine intervention or the power of star alignment. Not. At. All. Still, a lot of good things have happened recently that’s driving me to get the script published. I turned 40 and gained a fresh perspective on what I want to accomplish in the second half of my life. Two New York Comic Cons were announced for 2014. I interviewed one of my comic book idols. Plus, I’ve come to learn the importance of having Black writers in the comic book industry after mixing and mingling with attendees at New York Comic Con 2013. Part of this is for me, part of this is for the community.

It’ll be an interesting ride; a ride that I’ll appreciate should I succeed or fail.

Image courtesy of Greg Pak.