The Marvel Cinematic Universe movie power rankings

Doctor Strange, the most-recent film in Marvel Studios’ Phase 3 story arc, recently hit theaters and concluded the movie house’s 2016 cinema offerings. I enjoyed magic’s introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the trippy visuals, and all-around solid performances, but the story felt a bit rushed in places (particularly in regards to the not-so-good doctor’s origin and mystic training) and the humor fell on its face. In short, Doctor Strange is a movie that tried to dabble in the dark recesses of the MCU, but suffered from Disney’s family friendly movie constraints.

Now that the Doctor Strange #content is out of the way, I’ve decided that it’s time to update my Marvel Cinematic Universe Power Rankings. I’ve watched every Marvel Studios joint (the films, not the television properties), and placed each flick into one of three categories: Main Eventers, Mid-Carders, and Jobbers. No complex mathematical formulas, no deep thoughts. This was all based off feels.

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